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r/unpopularopinion 14h ago

Catch and release fishing is stupid and cruel.


As someone who legitimately fishes for sustenance (Alaskan trying to not be broke) it always rubs me the wrong way how catch and release (99% fly fishermen) folks have an air of superiority. As fishermen, we're all jamming a hook through an animal's head to drag them to shore. I'm at least doing it to feed myself and my family, and do it as quick as humanly possible. I often see fly fish bros prolonging the fight for soooo long, for no good reason - just to let the poor thing swim away. They spent 5 thousand dollars to come fish here and by God they're gonna get the most drama for the buck! I feel bad enough hurting these animals for food, I don't understand how anyone gets any sort of enjoyment out of torturing them purely for sport. People who fish healthy stocks of fish for food are far more ethical than catch and release fishermen.

r/unpopularopinion 3h ago

Most people aren't good and decent. They are sheep.


You frequently hear the idea that most people are good and decent and just want to go about their lives. Having many years of teaching experience, I've watched group dynamics. Students will follow a student with a bad attitude off a cliff. People do what others are doing whether it is feeding the poor or chopping up their neighbors with machetes. Moral courage and critical thinking are rare and often frowned upon by authorities.

Edit: I teach at a university. My students are between 18-65. They tend to be non-traditional or older because of the nature of the class format.

Additional evidence: The Milgram Experiment Asch Conformity Experiment

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

Mac and Cheese isn’t thanksgiving food


Note I am not saying Mac and cheese isn’t good, quite the opposite.

Mac and cheese is a great food. It goes amazing with barbecue food like burgers, ribs, brisket etc. I just don’t see it belonging on the thanksgiving table.

It seems extremely out of place to me alongside mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry and vegetables.

Edit: People complain about this sub not having true unpopular opinions then go ballistic when there actually is one. I understand I’m in the minority and that’s why I posted it here.

And note this does not mean I ‘gatekeep’ thanksgiving dinners or flip my lid when I see pasta with cheese on the table. It’s just a quiet opinion I have

r/unpopularopinion 7h ago

It’s disgusting to preform surgeries/invasive medical intervention on people who are elderly


No 90 year old Mary does not need a colonoscopy, and margret doesn’t need back surgery for her newly identified scoliosis. Let people enjoy their last years in peace hopped up on Xanax for whatever pain they may have. It’s almost sad to see how long people can live because I know many who can’t walk, hear, or see. Big pharma takes advantage of these people who don’t have much going on by trying to invasively treat them. Knew one lady with some type of vaginal cancer in a nursing home who had dementia and they were always prodding her nether regions causing her much upset (her daughter was the one who demanded she be treated) . She had 5 years at best and the last of her life was gonna be dealing with that.

r/unpopularopinion 2h ago

Tracy Chapman Fast Car is infinitely better than Luke Combs version


And it’s not even close. The tone and emotion of the song are fundamentally changed and it sounds pandering and forced. I cannot for the life of me understand the popularity of this sub par version of an amazing song. And here is an extra sentence so automod doesn’t remove me again.

r/unpopularopinion 14h ago

Officials and Police should be sentenced to twice the time a regular citizen would be


Anyone who takes an oath of office or is an elected official should be held to higher standards than regular citizens. The corruption or commission of crimes by these people erodes trust in the system and thus, should be punished more harshly..

r/unpopularopinion 39m ago

If you demand a veggie pizza be ordered in the pizza order, YOU can ONLY eat the veggie pizza until everyone else has had 2nd and 3rds of the more desirable pizzas


I can't tell you how many office, social gatherings where someone has asked that 1-2 veggie pizzas be ordered, only to eat half a slice and then take from the (superior) cheese, pepperoni, sausages, etc. If the US food waste could feed several starving nations, the veggie pizza waste could probably solve world hunger. So if you're going to be the precious person that demands to include veggie pizza, then you must ONLY eat the veggie and ONLY when everyone else has been fully satisfied with 2-3 slices, can you dip into the others.

r/unpopularopinion 5h ago

Cane’s (fast food chain) makes mediocre chicken at best.


I’m sick of the obsession, at least where I’m from, of Cane’s chicken fingers. If I wanted boring, flavor lacking chicken, I could make it at home. The only thing Cane’s has going for it is their texas toast and the Cane’s sauce. Now granted I’m from eastern Nebraska, and there’s not a lot of options for good “American” fast food, but there are so many places, Popeyes for example, with better fried chicken. I’m not saying it’s terrible chicken, it’s just not THAT good.

r/unpopularopinion 56m ago

Relying on a man or marrying a rich man as a woman is a horrible idea


I hate this new shit “I don’t wanna work I’m gonna marry a rich man” . worst idea ever. You move in with the so called rich man or man who’s gonna provide for you and you’re trapped. You’ll have no education, no money, no independence and no freedom. You’ll stay home and be his maid and cook. He gets the say in everything at the end of the day. He has the money and power the woman does not. If he’s abusive what can you do? You have no education to get a job to support yourslef , you’ll have no one to help you. Maybe family if you’re lucky but even then sometimes they don’t help. Add a kid in the mix it’s just a dysfunctional disaster the child will grow up in. A woman should always go get an education and if she wants to stay home that’s fine if that man is ok but always have something to fall back on. I’ve seen this play out too many times . Also maybe he’s an amazing guy and not abusive what if he dies? You’ll be screwed over, no help. Nothing .

Being a housewife isn’t very fulfilling as much as some women say. It’s a very boring isolating existence to not have your own thing going on in life and cater to kids and a husband .

r/unpopularopinion 6h ago

Trying to win an argument by correcting your opponent’s grammar is pathetic.


When you’re arguing with someone, the only thing that matters is the topic to get evidence to make points. While making points, only the information matters. Grammar only matters when the mistakes can change the information being sent to the opponents. Whether you say “Humans are animals” or “Humans is animals,” both sentences give the same information and are equally true despite the grammatical mistake in the latter sentence.

Some ungrammatical sentences don’t even occur intentionally. Some occur because you type too quickly or when the so-called autocorrection screws up and mistakenly gives you a misspelling. Unless the mistakes ruin the meaning of a sentence, there’s no use pointing it out. Just pay attention to what they’re saying.

Sometimes, correcting someone’s grammar can backfire very badly when their grammar is already correct. Especially when you’re about to lose the fight and the other side is obviously right. It points out that you don’t have any other counterarguments and your only way to win the debate is to “correct” the already correct grammar, and you’ve ended up being wrong more than once.

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

The word "insecure" is heavily overused


The word insecure is heavily used in situations where it isn't relevant, for example : if you're not comfortable letting your partner wear revealing clothes, you're getting called insecure. If you criticise an act that you don't agree with, you're getting called insecure, people don't know oe what overused really means

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

The NBA has become hard to watch because the players are so unlikable.


Basketball by nature is such a fun sport to watch. But I just can't stand watching it anymore because the commentators are always overselling it (they orgasm every time Steph Curry makes a 3) and the player's arrogance and attitudes make them incredibly unlikable. They are so disconnected from the every day working person that it makes it hard to support them in any way.

EDIT: I should not have written arrogant as a part of my post. A player can be arrogant and likable.

r/unpopularopinion 17h ago

SNL isn't way worse today, you just only remember the good sketches.


SNL has always had some cringey and otherwise bad sketches, but they've also had good bits throughout. Definitely not implying it's been consistently equal quality, but today every sketch is posted to social media, so the bad ones are immortalized, whereas you used to just forget the bad ones and/or rent a best-of DVD compilation. Also, you aren't 14 anymore.

r/unpopularopinion 1h ago

Saying you can out drink someone isn’t as big of a flex as you think it is


I always see college students saying that they can “out-drink you”, especially on dating profiles. (I am also a college student.) It’s not a flex. It either shows that you have drank so much that you’ve built up a tolerance to alcohol, or you’re fine getting drunk off your ass to the point where you have no control over yourself. It would be better to say that you have enough discipline to control the amount that you drink to a reasonable limit.

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

Looking at your spouse’s phone isn’t a violation of privacy


My husband and I have been married for 11 years and we’re constantly in each other’s phones for pictures, bank info… a calculator. All of these relationships where phones are as off limits as a diary is baffling to me. Hiding anything during a relationship (except maybe a surprise?) is a nope. When partners have a chance to conceal something, it leaves room for ugly things to sneak in. I struggle how, in a literate and fairly communications open society, spouses still feel weird looking at their partner’s phone OR get mad when their phone is looked at.

EDIT: I find it absolutely wild the number of people who assume that giving your SPOUSE access to their phone means they will be excessively snooping. Lots of unnecessary comments about my lack of trust issues. Plot twist? We trust each other so much that we give each other access. It’s NOT from a lack of trust which is RAMPANT in these comments. Your insecurities are showing. Seriously? If you can’t trust your partner to have access to your phone, then maybe they aren’t the right match?

This post came after reading about someone who learned her husband had an Only Fans account and was heartbroken and everyone was clapping she looked at it - even though she felt like she deserved to be sad and couldn’t confront him because she violated his PrIvACy. Y’all love the snooping spouse finding the dirt on her husband but heaven forbid someone snoops on you. You can’t encourage domestic violence and federal law breaking and then call me an abuser when you don’t have all the context. It can’t be both ways Reddit.

Edit #2 clarified a phrase

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

On average, boneless wings are superior to bone-in wings


Boneless wings are less trouble to eat. (With your hands, direct bite vs boneless where you just bringing it to your mouth with a fork, also messier).

Boneless wings seem to have more meat per wing.

Boneless wings you don’t have to worry about mis-eating a bone.

Boneless > Bone-in

Edit: shit grammar

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

I think that the show "The Boys" has become the thing it criticizes


Hello everyone, I don't want to sound like a smug nerd that hates everything so I'm gonna start by stating that I myself am a big consumer due to my gaming hobby

I think I've been living under a rock or something because I just discovered that The Boys made a crossover with CoD (Warzone I think, I'm not into shooters that much) and this really surprised me because that is the same live service, battle pass centered game with things like Nicki Minaj and Messi as purchasable skins

I always liked how The Boys criticized mega corporations using realistic parallels with the real world despite being a show produced by Amazon but now that has no meaning because the IP is being used to sell dumb skins in a game that for many represents the decline of the industry

I guess I shouldn't have belived that a show made by Amazon would stick to ideals or something, it was always for the infinite money given by reaching the status of top of the pyramid in western pop cultuture

Why does everyone seem to be ok with this?

r/unpopularopinion 1h ago

Read receipts are the worst thing to happen to digital communication


I absolutely hate that leaving someone on "read" is even a thing, let alone considered impolite. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to reply. Sometimes I don't have any input and saying some variation of a one word reaction isnt even worth it.

Its an obnoxious thing insecure people hyper focus on and I hate it. I have a friend that will just send a message saying "above" if I leave him on read. Like just fuck off, nothing is that important.

r/unpopularopinion 4h ago

IKEA furniture isn't hard to assemble


The title basically. I've bought and assembled pretty much every single type of furniture that IKEA has to offer including tables, chairs, shelves, dressers, nightstands, beds, desks, etc. Most of my house besides couches is IKEA. Also, I did it pretty much all myself. I did all of the assembly and only had my wife help to lift things into place a couple times. I have never put anything together backwards or gotten into a fight over the assembly. The directions have very good diagrams that include details to specify which direction similarly shaped pieces are supposed to go. All you have to do is just pay attention. I think people that struggle with the assembly just aren't really reading to make sure they're doing it right. The only difficult part I find is just the physical aspect with some pieces.

r/unpopularopinion 28m ago

People with overly loud vehicles should be fined for public disturbance.


The title says it all. No Bob, I'm not talking about just a bit louder than average. I'm talking about loud enough to prevent conversations through house walls, trigger alarms and make windows feel like they're going to shatter. These aren't factory built. That includes extremely loud sound systems, not just engines and exhausts. There are laws regarding this, yet zero enforcement it would seem. People should not be burdened with the inferiority complexes of others.

r/unpopularopinion 7h ago

Most Asian resturants arent as good as back in the day because the Americanized kids dont have the same passion.


and i stand on this point for several resons.

  1. Alot of resturants now arent even asian resturants but americanized asian "fusion" resturants. where they sell extremly over priced foods. most of these places look like your average hipster bar.

  2. I personally have a few asian friends who are literally this. their parents own extremly successful oldschool style asian resturants. but none of them are taking over. in fact many of them used to say they hate working there when we were teens. makes me a lil sad cause their parents worked so damn hard.

  3. all my favorite places are now ran by the kids and they suck. some of these places ive been eating at over 20 years and the food has never been this nasty. you can just taste the cheaper ingridents. sloppy presentation amd ruder service. i honestly dont even eat asian food like i used to caise of this.

  4. i think other people notice this as well with the meme of asian places being trash if you dont see the boy doing homework or its too fancy. i miss those old scholl places that had a flair of eastern mysticism.

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

restaurants should not be allowed to open ghost kitchens on delivery apps


it will happen often that i will try a restaurant and not like it, and then later go to order from a “different” restaurant on the app, only to realize that it is in fact the same restaurant opened under multiple names on the app to trick people into ordering their shitty food. there is no valid reason why a good restaurant would need a ghost kitchen

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

sportsbetting tv commercials should be outlawed


its insane how unhealthy, enabling and deceptive these ads are. I keep seeing "no sweat bet” promos…For those unaware, a no sweat bet is when you bet an amount of money, say $50, then if you lose they give the money back to you…but you have to use the money to bet again. and if you lose your second bet, the money is all gone. there is still maximum sweat potential.

I bet a little bit, I’m not "anti-gambling" but I think its insane how gambling-centric sports has become, and how everyones favorite athlete is doing slap happy, care free promo for an inherintly risky and, for some, financially crippling activity.

If you watch sports, you know there are so many god damn gambling ads, all the time. It’s being forced down everyone’s throat. At the very least the ads need to be regulated, significantly more than they are.

r/unpopularopinion 1d ago

Folding laundry is a waste of time


I don't see the point in folding your laundry. Just keep a big, tall pile, a whole ass mound if you will, and grab what you need as you go. Yeah, folding is neater, but ain't nobody got time for that. I keep everything in mounds.

r/unpopularopinion 1h ago

Watered down drinks taste better


Such mixed drinks, teas, or soda even taste better to me when I dilute it or “water it down.” My family thinks I’m crazy when we go out and I order a drink (like lemonade) and ask for an extra glass of water to add to it. I don’t like how sugary or thick syrup tasting most of our drinks have and would prefer all liquids I take in at least resemble water viscousness. I don’t believe that I’m being disrespectful when I water down a beverage that I have to drink. One example are those powdered drink packet singles that say 16.something oz. Bottle recommended I’d basically use double that amount. Much closer to a hydrohomie in most regards.