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Girl is sneaking sports on this date. I guess it's not going well

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Personal Write In I requested my boyfriend try a cock sleeve and I’m worried I have doomed our relationship


So before people shame me, it’s okay for me to have a preference. I am one single woman with my own unique preferences just as every individual man has his own preferences.

So I’m(26F) a bit of a size queen. I prefer big. And when I say big, I mean huge. I have a very long vaginal canal and when I’m turned on I can handle very thick objects. When I’m really into it, fisting doesn’t doesn’t even hurt me. So this isn’t to say I wouldn’t date a well endowed man. Sex is a very small part of a relationship and I can cum from head pretty easily. My boyfriend(28M) is average sized and I love sex with him. It’s good, frequent, and fun.

I wouldn’t mind if he was a bigger, but remember if I was with a guy that was 8 inches I wouldn’t mind if he was a little bigger. It’s not at all a commentary on my boyfriend and I’m not disatisfied with him.

Recently I discovered cock sleeves from the same place I purchase my sex toys. I went down a rabbit hole and saw one in use and it made me kinda curious. I would love to try it, the issue is of course I would need a partner.

My boyfriend has amazing dick game. If slinging dick was an Olympic sport, he’d be Usain Bolt. So I figured a combo of my boyfriend’s amazing dick game, plus a 10 inch impossibly thick toy would send me to heaven.

I understand how men needlessly attach their egos to how big their penises are so I decided to be tactful, but since I trust him I trusted him not to be intimidated by a piece of silicone.

I breached the topic with him by telling him I live when he introduced a toy in the bedroom and it’s fun to experiment. He agreed and I told him there was something new I wanted to try. I pulled up the video I found and explained to him that while I love his dick it may be fun for the both of us if we experiment with a sleeve.

Of course this wouldn’t be an every time thing. Just occasionally. I knew I would prefer his dick, but occasionally getting stretched out wouldn’t hurt.

He did NOT take this well. His immediate question was why I felt I needed a cock sleeve and if I thought he was small. I told him that I didn’t think he was small and that sometimes it’s nice to have a new feeling down there with him.

He didn’t accept that as an answer and said that if I thought he was small then we might as well just not fuck. I tried to calm things down but he wouldn’t listen and said he doesn’t want to use his small dick on me.

This was 3 weeks ago and we haven’t had sex since. We haven’t had any intimate touching since. No kissing, no cuddling, no anything. I feel heartbroken and I really wasn’t trying to hurt him. I wanted a way to make sex more fun for both of us

Is there anything I can do?

Edit: I love being slutshamed for having a preference 🥰🥰🥰

Btw here’s an anatomy lesson, you should know just like penises, vaginas come in different shapes and sizes. Some women have powerful erogenous zones deeper or require something thicker to get a the best pleasure. Just like some men are well hung, some are average, and some are small.

And I’m sorry for all the girlfriends and wives who are unable to express a desire to try anything new because clearly all the men here cant handle being asked to try something other then ramming their dicks in and out of person.

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M TIFU; By almost getting a bar shutdown for a month and fined $30,000 and going to jail.


This just happened about an hour ago. I was at a bar in the state of Utah. This particular bar has a 3rd party company come in and host a poker night every Tuesday. I go and play every so often. I went tonight.

Gambling in Utah is illegal but somehow they’re able to legally have poker nights here, in a bar, as long as the “buy-in” isn’t actually a “buy-in” but instead a tip to be given to the dealers. But anyway…

While I was there I was seated next to a lady who was brand new to the game and had no idea what she was doing. So I started helping her as best I could without breaking any rules myself. She eventually goes out while I’ve still got a decent stack. We got along pretty well and she bought me a drink as a thank you for helping her.

Even though she’s gone out and is no longer participating in the poker game, she sticks around and does her own thing in the bar while I’m still playing. At one point she comes back over to my table and tells me that she has a gift for me, again as a thank you for helping her during the game. She proceeds to place a small single-serving shot/bottle of Fireball into my coat pocket.

At this point I’m thinking that was a super nice gift and how nice she was. After another twenty minutes or so I eventually lose all my chips and go out as well. I find her at the bar and think it’d be a good idea to drink this bottle of Fireball with her along with a couple friends of hers that were at the bar with her. So I go over and join them.

I had also barely noticed; however, that there were three cops, in uniform, in the bar about four feet away talking to some other people. I have no idea what they were in there for but I wasn’t concerned about them since I’m of age and in a place where drinking is allowed.

So I pull out the small bottle of Fireball and down it right in front of them. Her and her friends look at me in horror. All I could say is, “what?”. One of them goes on to explain that what I’d just done was super illegal and that the bar could be shutdown for a month and fined $30,000 and that I too could be fined as well. I might have even spent the night in jail. They told me to put the bottle back in my pocket and hide it; which I did immediately. Somehow, by some miracle, none of the three cops within a few feet of us noticed what I’d just done.

Turns out, it’s against the law to bring outside liquor into a bar in Utah. Apparently it’s a huge crime to do so. This lady who’d given me the bottle knew it was illegal and had given it to me in secret; thinking that I’d keep it on the down-low. My ignorance nearly got us in ginormous trouble.

TL;DR Don’t bring outside liquor into a bar in the state of Utah.

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Random Thought When a kid kills animals for fun we worry they’re a psychopath. When adults do it we call it hunting and go wild defending their right to own rifles.


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News The Greeks answer Germany about the crisis: Why don't you bankrupt Germans sell your islands?


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Just Venting 😮‍💨 Dating is hard for women because we have too many options F18 (Controversial)


It's been extremely hard to date for me because on tinder, bumble, and basically all dating apps, I get thousands of matches. It feels like I have infinite options... I have no idea who I should settle down with because I don't know if the next match would be better. Imagine you are looking for milk and you are walking down a shopping aisle with thousand different brands of milk. Won't it make it hard for you to decide which one you should take home?

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History Al-Nakba: The Palestinian catastrophe (2013) [00:47:24]


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Maaaaan i really was hoping the price drops to 10$ , I've been saving some gun powder to buy a good chunk of shares , yoooo kenny boy : some of us are not happy about the price would you do the usual fuckry and drop it back .. my cs account haven't seen any drs shares for a while , drop it back i need to buy more 😪.

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Are the brigaders in the room with us right now?

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I'm moving to the Twin Cities to escape transphobia, and I'm really nervous/scared/unsure about the future. Just need to vent


I left outstate MN for college in a purple state. During that time, I found out I'm trans. It was rough, being from a rural area meant I was taught to hate myself. I was on track for law school, and now I'm graduating a year late with no idea what I'm going to do. My GPA took a hit because transition has been rough, and I can't imagine doing law school while completing transition would be good. I can't stay in this state because there is a large MAGA contingent (even worse than outstate) that could crack at any moment. I can't be open besides to friends. I can't dress how I want or wear makeup because a lot of us are being killed out here. I'm tired of being scared, and not being able to be me is taking its toll on my mental health

I want to live openly, and I miss Minnesota, so I figured Minneapolis or St. Paul would be the way to go. But as I approach graduation, I realize that entering adulthood while moving across the country and completing transition is going to be rough.

Housing, transportation, food. It's all going to be on me. What if I end up being discriminated against and can't find a good job? What if I can't get a job period? What if I can't secure housing? What if my mental health becomes really bad again? Will I just be screwed?

I'll have a bachelors, but I've mostly worked retail and as a bartender besides the semester I interned at a law firm. But I'm so scared I'm going to fail

I know these are all things every adult needs to deal with, I've just been so out of it these last two years that it's all hitting at once. Maybe this isn't the place to post this, but idk who else I can talk to about the fear of moving to the Twin Cities as an adult while trans.

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Why do we still know nothing about the hockey Canada sexual assault scandal?


Seriously, the NHL is so secretive about these things. It would be complete unacceptable if some of these players were currently in the NHL and yet they are dragging their feet on letting the public know who was involved.

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Am I wrong for asking my gf for a paternity test?


Hello everyone ..can I please get your opinions?My girlfriend and I dry humped about some months ago. She was in sweatshorts and underwear and I was naked. I ejaculated. She said she was in her fertile window and she’s been freaking out since. She just got a test done and it’s positive. I’m just so confused as to how all this happened cos she wasn’t naked for even a second. I’m so lost rn..should I believe I am responsible? I’m asking for a pre natal test but she’s refusing. Edit: I got off her as I was ejaculation so just a little got on her shorts and it wasn’t even wet

I’m sorry if I’m posting too much but it’s just I don’t have anyone to talk to and talking to people on Reddit here makes me feel better

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Who wants Farage to win


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Evidence shows Israel killed many of its own citizens on Oct. 7, then blamed Hamas


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Leftovers was a boring ass show thank fuck they are replacing it with a cook off.


Look at Hasan on Fear& and Hasan on Leftovers. Hasan on Leftovers is like he just came back from a funeral.

I like Ethan but lets be fr-- the guy is not equiped to debate israel/palestine live on air. Maybe in a prerecorded format he'd be less emotional but nonetheless, it is admittedly a tough think to debate when you have a big portion of your family living in israel.

Besides the Gaza episode, Leftovers was consistently the least watched episode of the week. Like the Leftovers ep before the gaza one has less than 500k views...

The crew >>>>>> Hasan. And the crew dont participate in leftovers.

Ethan was never gonna convert to being a full blown socialist it was restarded of the fanbase to think hasan was gonna convince him. Maybe if Ethan wasn't running 2 businesses

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Je suis d’extrême droite et je ne comprend pas qu’il n’y ai pas plus de gens qui le soit


Voilà tout est dans le titre. On voit souvent dans les sondages que la France a l’air d’être plutôt de droite, mais je ne connais personne dans la vraie vie qui l’affirme. Pourquoi est ce si tabou en France ? Mon postulat est que la plupart des gens n’osent pas car bien entendu ils ont peur. Peur d’être rejeté socialement, mais aussi peur de se faire agresser pour ça. Concrètement, je ne vois pas le fait d’être d’extrême droite comme étant la haine de l’autre, mais la préférence et la préservation de soi et de son pays.

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Quiero que asuma milei para que repriman


Me imagino los primeros días apenas asuma milei, dirigentes sociales saliendo a las calles y armando piquetes. La policía responde reprimiendo a todos los que arman quilombo con toda la fuerza: gas pimienta, gas lacrimógeno, balas de goma, camiones hidrante, policia montada y tanques blindados. La gendarmeria sale a la calle vestidos como los power rangers, con armadura oscura hecha de aramida con las letras e info escritas en blanco, bastones que hacen juego con los escudos que son del tamaño de una persona y son transparentes(para ver mejor). Me imagino a bulrich en un helicóptero vestida de comando hablando por walkie, dando la orden de REPRIMAN CON TODA LA FUERZA NECESARIA haciendo que la policía de Brasil parezcan guardias de un shopin. En todos las pantallas led de anuncios se puede ver una imagen de milei, con cara seria y una leyenda que dice "todo va a estar bien, la tranquilidad triunfará" y lo último que ve una señora boliviana que fue traida de un barrio tomado con la amenaza de que no va a cobrar más los planes de sus 4 hijos y dos perros caniches es a un gendarme de 1.87 metros llamado José corriendo hacia ella con una máscara antigas. 😷

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Has anyone else noticed this before? Lolol

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She’s just out here pouring out packets of sugar lmao is there a reason why she does this or is she just crazy? Like did I miss some context here? haha

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Updates Hearts, thumbs, and other Reddit brand updates

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Opinion Column: Ryan Day’s record says 56-7, but over the past three seasons, he’s really 0-9 in what matters


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The last time the Bears had consistent QB play was Cutler and that should tell you something.


This franchise can't develop rookies QBs for nothing. You guys are hoping for the next Justin Herbert to come here and overcome this next coaching staffs ineptitude.

Instead of rolling the dice again for another half decade of (please be good) QB play, why don't you consider trading for an established quarterback. Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, hell trade the number one overall for Justin Herbert, he might want out of LA.

It literally doesn't matter who the Bears draft this year, they won't be good because the Bears have NEVER shown that they can develop a QB.

Ok I'm out.

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Monte lädt rechtsextremen Adlerson zu seinem Event ein. Brammen hat zugesagt.


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Anime Discussion Is anyone else disappointed with the delivery of some scenes in season 2?


I feel like I’m the only one with this opinion, so let me start off by saying the animation has been great and that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m purely talking direction of some scenes in the anime vs the manga.

If you didn’t read the manga first than this isn’t for you because you won’t understand. But basically key moments that I’ve been waiting for felt so underwhelming just with the fact of how much they changed. For example, the Mahoraga vs Sukuna fight. This fight is an incredible feat of animation, that’s not what I’m knocking. But certain “creative” liberties they take just have me asking why the fuck did they do that? For example at some point Mahoraga is a giant. Why? I’m just asking myself is this some visual interpretation? When the fuck did he have the ability to grow in size? How is that an “adaptation” ?? They’re just inventing new abilities. And than for like the 4th time someone decides to bite an attack coming at them, which I find to just look so awkward and unnatural, it just looks so obvious that the director really wanted a scene like that just for the sake of it. And than the Yuji vs Mahito fight. The choreography in the manga hd such a good back and forth and great pacing, that it didn’t need to be touched. And for some reason they just said fuck it change everything, the way Nanami dies, the layout, the choreography. I’m not saying it was objectively bad, it’s just that the anime steered so far from my expectations it just felt like such a let down. Anyways lmk what y’all think