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Is this really it to life? Just work and then one day die?


How do we create more meaning to life. Surely you don’t just go school to the get a job, work every day then retire and die (if you make it that far)

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If you had to die by execution, which one would you choose?


Mine would be a gas chamber filled with 100% nitrogen. Quick, painless, no panic - you just fall asleep.

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How painful is it to get cheated on?



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How come i never get approached by guys?


Apparently…introverted and makeup less is all the hype?

I’ve been introverted and makeup less forever and NEVER get approached by guys.

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Would you drive a car that knew the speed limit of the road and electronically limited the speed?


It's gonna happen eventually but I'd hate it. I generally don't speed but I don't want my car to limit my speed to make it impossible.

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What’s a sign that your “friend” isn’t really your friend?


Curious to hear people’s thoughts

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What is it that everyone likes but you don't?


I never understood wanting to watch vloggers. Why do I wanna watch some annoying person's exaggerated life events? I get nothing from it.

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Current and ex massage therapists, what are/were some of the biggest annoyances that clients would do during their massage sessions?


I am going to get a massage today and started thing of all of the annoying things people could possibly do during a massage. You’re in the room with some of these people for an hour or two even, so I’m sure there are peeves that therapists have but aren’t able to speak on. What are they???

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How can I reduce my sex drive?


I 27M have a high sex drive towards my gf 24F we’ve dated 6 years and I’m sure I’ve probably asked for it every night almost, we do it 2-3 times a week, and most of the time I just want more, it’s starting to turn her off and idk how to fix it.

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What is something everyone LOVES about you?


What is something about YOU everyone seems to love about you? What is the compliment you often receive? Mine: I would say most people say "I am so sweet, so nice and easy to talk to" so when I get a compliment outside of that I am always pleasantly surprised lol! Nothing wrong with being sweet js I'm not always nice 🤣 you should hear me in my car driving to the gym at 5am. Lmaooo

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Why is there a lot of hate for single family homes and wanting to get rid of them?


With a lot of places having zoning changes getting rid of SFH only zones (with this just happening to my city) why do so many people want to get rid of single family homes and places where they can be built?

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Those of you that had a baby face in your early 20’s, did you end up looking younger for your age in your 30’s-40’s as well?


I’ve always wondered when people that are early 20’s say they may look young now but they’ll at least look younger than their age when they’re much older. How true is this?

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What do you like that no one else does?


I saw someone ask what everyone likes that you don't, but I wanna know what you like that other people think you're a weirdo for. Mine is sliced pickled beets among many other things. So good.

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Have you opted out of dating ? If so, what's your experience?


I've had positive results overall with one major deterrent: the last three months of the year suck for me, I feel crushed by loneliness. Does anyone else have this experience? If so do you have strategies to deal with these feelings ?

I'll post my story in the comments if anyone is interested.

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What "long" dreams did you have while in a coma?


I spent one month in a coma. During that time I "lived" several years. I spent a few years living in a submarine, another few years in a Japanese colony in the Pacific, and a "shorter" time (a few months) in a mountain cabin. These experiences still feel as if they were true; they are just like any other memory from real life. I've heard it's quite common to have this kind of "long" dream while in a coma. What did you, ex-comatose friend, dream that seemed to be a very long real-life experience?

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Is YouTube irreplaceable?


Nowadays, almost every time, viewing two ads before new videos is like a compulsion on YouTube. It all infuriates me, and I contemplate abandoning YouTube, opting for the best possible alternative. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any others and have to forcefully compromise with YouTube's wild ads policy, as it has become inevitable for every student like us.What may be possible alternatives to YouTube? Or is it irreplaceable, at least for this decade?

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Consider your life now. On a scale of 1 - 10 how happy are you? Why did you give yourself that score?


I’m pretty happy with my life at present. I’ve come a long way in the past 6 years. I’d give myself a happiness score of 8.

I do that looking at where I came from and what I’m working to become. I have at least three more years to go to be able to start doing what I am focused on. My present job is augmenting my education in ways I never dreamed possible. I hope to help at least one person as much as my adoptive mom has positively influenced and helped me. I’m not quite there yet but I’ll make that 10.

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What time do you go to bed?


Hi everyone, if you needed to be up at 7am for work, what time would you want to sleep the night before?

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Why are pandas so cute?


Everytime I see a panda, I think to myself "I wanna cuddle that baby and give him kisses". In the past, people were so overwhelmed by the panda's cuteness that they jumped into panda enclosures in an attempt to cuddle with the pandas. Of course, those people got mauled. Their cuteness is like a drug. You never hear about people wanting to cuddle with lions because of how scary they look but you hear about people wanting to cuddle with cute pandas.

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What's tha most adventurous think you have ever done?


What's tha most adventurous think you have ever done?

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What are other options instead of capitalism?


Is it possible to create a new one which is better than capitalism?

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Will young adults that currently don't want kids inevitably change their mind later in life?


whenever I mention my desire to not have kids to older adults I'm often met with responses like "you'll change your mind later" and their reasoning is due to an increasingly lonely/empty feeling you get as you age. Is this feeling inescapable? and is it linked to the biological instinct to procreate?

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Did you ever think you'd be in love with the person you love now?


Whether they're a crush, a partner, you're married.