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Meta A note about "Comprehensive Review Posts"


Hey gang,

After a lot of feedback from the community, we have decided to ban comprehensive review posts from the subreddit. Before you get the pitchforks out, hear us out as to the why.

First, let's define a comprehensive review post. It's a post in which the author lays out everything they like and dislike about the game in a manner similar to a media outlet giving a review.

Okay, so what's so bad about that? Well, there are a few things. For starters, these posts have been flooding the subreddit and not really doing anything to advance discussion of the game. They're not very actionable for the devs to make changes. And they just get people fighting over the same shit every day.

But you're censoring our dissent! No, we're not. We're focusing it. You have a gripe with a particular system in the game? Make a post about that system. Break down what you like and dislike about shipbuilding or NPC interactions or inventory management or power acquisition. THAT post will drive actionable feedback that the devs can use.

If you still want to pretend you're Paul Tassi and write a 500 word magnum opus on the 10 things you wish you'd known before playing Bethesda's latest game, we recommend starting a blog OR you can just leave it in the comments.

Kind regards,

The /r/Starfield Mod Team

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Screenshot I have discovered COVID-19's homeworld

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Discussion Barrett just had an inappropriate(and immersion breaking) conversation with me.


Spoilers for the main quest line.

I'm in NG+(second time, if it matters), and I used the [Starborn] option just before the Starborn attack on Constellation. So I moved the artifacts, and avoided a character death.

Then I went to the Well as part of the Unity quest, and Barrett stops to offer his condolences over the character death that didn't actually happen.

I just skipped through the convo and pretended it never happened(which you can do for basically every conversation in the game, as dialogue options you've made rarely ever come up again). It was still kind of jarring, though. There's honestly a lot of little convos that you have in NG+ that don't really make sense, but this was a particularly big one, as the entire conversation was about an event that never happened.

EDIT: update, Andreja has done it now, too, and I am waiting to be prompted by all members of Constellation lol

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Outposts Sad to say bye, but 250M this is the closest I can ever get to my main outpost without crashing. Abandoning it and rushing another NG I guess.

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Screenshot When person like me tries to learn modeling... Jesus Christ

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Art 3D Printed Razorback

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Discussion The meta commentary of Starfield: Matteo was right all along


As someone who is settling into his NG+10 "final universe" playthrough, I have to just point out how Starfield is deliciously self-aware of the NG+ grind. This is reflected in the lore and fiction surrounding the Hunter, the Emissary, and the Starborn, when your companions muse about how the Starborn lose their identity, their humanity, and perhaps a crucial bit of their soul by obsessing over the Artifacts and staying stuck on that hamster wheel from universe to universe.

Keeper Aquilus, who is strongly hinted is The Pilgrim, provides a counter point. Despite being to so many universes that he "lost count", he eventually realized that a deeper meaning was found not in the Unity, but in slowing down and making a difference in the lives of the people around him. This is why he chose to get off the hamster wheel and stay in this universe. Likewise, Matteo decided not to go through the Unity with the rest of Constellation because, as he said, Keeper Aquilus knew about the Unity but kept the knowledge to himself, and he needed to learn why. As someone who trusted the Keeper's guidance, Matteo believed there must be a reason, a wisdom, for why Aquilus does not shepherd all his flock to the Unity.

I feel like Starfield’s message is that science, discovery, and progress are admirable and important, but wisdom and meaning are necessarily more human than scientific.

I find this meta-commentary in the game to be pretty amusing in contrast to the YT videos out there expressing regret at doing the NG+ grind and how that takes the fun away from the game, especially a Bethesda sandbox "let yourself be distracted by points of interests and get lost" RPGs.

I did the Main Questline first, and I planned to walk away from the Unity to take my time enjoying the other content in the game. After defeating the Hunter and Emissary, I talked to each of my companions for that "goodbye, see you on the other side" talk. Remarkably, after I talked to Andreja, my romance partner, her commitment quest (Groat dagger) unlocked, so we "got married" right before I did the Unity jump. Made the RP of walking back and staying all the more meaningful.

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Question Quality of Life Mods

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Specifically to my Xbox Gamers, What QoL mods are you excited to see/use?

For me I'd like larger cash stacks in stores. Boarding "inaccessible" ships and ships with no Dock function in space. More robot Companions or editable Vasco.

I think Modding is a fine art now with Fallout and Skyrim, almost making the old game into new games with just mods, the modding community practically finishes off the games for Bethesda and mods in all the little things we wanted to see.

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Fan Content Forgive me but I had enough

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Question Is there a way to fix extremely bright, bland, universal interior lighting?

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Meta I'll see your Cora outside the ship and raise you Cora in Neon

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Video Storming the Key station and deleting lvl 72 starborn in a B class!

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Xbox Very hard difficult, no mods! Weapon loadout: PBO 175 auto helion x4, PBO 175 helion x4, exterminator 95mev auto x3. 47 reactor power from skills and crew.

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Screenshot Spacers boarded MY SHIP?!

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I had just left a planet when I heard Andreja say “you can’t hope to win!” I thought, “she’s says that in combat…?” Then this happened. Earlier I had trouble exiting my ship, so I wonder if this is the “overlapping ships” bug? Funny enough I also have the empty ship/closed landing bay bug, so I don’t really engage in ship combat anymore on this playthrough. After this combat I reverted to an earlier save.

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Screenshot I might have a hoarding problem... I like illegal things

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Outposts A brief tour of my outpost armory.

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I've been decorating my outposts and I'm really happy with how the armory looks.

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Screenshot A little photo dump


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Discussion [SPOILERS FOR FREESTAR RANGER QUESTLINE] The ending of the Freestar Ranger quest line felt like a huge disappointment


I just finished this quest line. I liked it, mostly. The merc who was a Freestar veteran, the twist that Ron Hope was behind it, etc.

Except for some reason you just have to go confront Ron Hope yourself, you can't like tell the rangers first and bring backup or anything like that.

Then he sics his guards on you if you refuse his bribe, because duh, you just wander into his heavily guarded facility by yourself.

Then his assistant gets all mad and accuses you of "ambushing and executing him" which makes 0 sense because I tried to arrest him and he attacked me first.

And then you tell the rangers you just killed one of the most important/influential people in the FC, who is on the council of governors, and they're just kinda like "oh well" and that's it.

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Discussion Really enjoying the Crimson Fleet quest line, who did you side with?


I think the Sys Def/Crimson Fleet quest line is one of my favorites so far. I’m at the final part on board the Legacy, but having a hard time deciding who to side with. I play a good/diplomatic character, so the obvious choice is Sys Def, but I do like some of the Crimson Fleet members and feel bad betraying them. What did you guys decide and why?

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Discussion Improvement suggestions 💬


I think it would get rid of most complains if they integrated an instant jump drive into everything. Let me explain.

Instead of all the loading screens and cutscenes, make the jump sequence and animation itself the loading screen, kind of a ratchet and clank type of loading. You select the planet or system, click go, and it counts down but this count down is 80% of the loading screen. At the very end it starts the jump animation in real time. To the player it feels instant and more immersive. (yes there would need to be restrictions of no enemies nearby, no upgrading the grav jump time, etc.)

Make the same thing for the planets. Instead of showing a cutscene of your ship flying into the planet, make it grav jump into the surface of the planet in the same way. Explain it with realism that flying down manually takes 5-10 mins and the atmosphere burn slowly erodes your ship's outside.

Also, don't take away control of the player during these. Make it so they can still move and look around. It would feel way differently than how it feels now. The only exception is the docking. Give us an option to not even show the docking animation. When you select dock, just take us directly into whatever station we're docking into. No one likes to sit there and watch the ship dock.

Another thing is the menu. It's boring and feels weird. PLEASE give us something interactive. I would very much prefer a kind of predator like gauntlet. Some would say it would rip off too much of the fallout pip boy but idc. It would be better than what we have.


Heck improve on that. I've noticed that they already have AI in place for ships to take off/undock on their own, make grav jumps, fight other ships, and even land by themselves to places. Give us an expensive late game ship upgrade to do this.

Imagine being docked into the Den, picking from your gauntlet to land on earth, and your ship undocks itself and grav jumps there while you're still moving around inside your ship, organizing weapons, or doing whatever it is you're doing.

I know these would require changes to the engine but it would make a HUGE difference. If Bethesda doesn't listen then I hope the modders do.

Also, Todd. Call me 😉😘

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Screenshot Couple of sexy pics

Thumbnail gallery

Weirdly sexual !

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Art Finelly put my patch on, Probably a tad wonky but for 4 attempts and, pricked fingys. Say its looks brilliant for a first patch. Absolutely love it.


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Video What even just happened?

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I... I don't know what I did to this man.

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Character Builds The fleet that got me through five universes


My favourite ships from all my play throughs so far. Which one do you like best?

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Screenshot Uhh.. what happened to Boot guy? 😂😬

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Was at the Den and decided to check on how the boots were treating him. Ouch lol

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Meta BGS answering the bad reviews on Steam


How very AI of them.

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Discussion There are no consequences.


I am murdering my way through this game. Every quest I can im TRYING to fail, saying the rudest options, being an asshole. Dosent matter. No one seems to even remember being shot my my charactor. The only thing that happens is I get a bounty. I blow up the ship near paridiso, no one cares and im rewarded really well. You cannot destroy yhe classroom ship. Omg the number of essential NPC is just terrible, to the point that if i find an NPC to kill it feels rewarding.

How am i supposed to be immersed if my actions dont have consequences? This is the perfect game to have consequences, the NG+. Which is a whole other issue, aka boring. These are not the kind of decisions that will let a game last 5 years.