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typical mod garbage BLAST FROM THE FUCKING PAST! YES/NO/DAE Questions are not allowed!



We're not going to degenerate to return to calling people shitlords, but holy fuck people - can we read the fucking rules?

The number of Yes/No/DAE questions we've had to clean up over this weekend has been fucking outrageous. Don't get me started over the amount of salt we've had to deal with when we tell people "no, it's a Yes/No question."

Go ask your yes/no shitposts on AskReddit - they don't have fucking standards there. Stop being dumbfucks and get your shit together.

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What reasons do you have for giving women things for free?


I recently went to a concert that I did not have a ticket for (I was taking some younger family members there). When I got there, the guy in the parking lot let me through without a parking pass, so I didn’t have to pay for one which was nice. When I checked my family into the concert, the guy checking our tickets also just let me go in without a ticket. I thought both of these encounters were incredibly generous, especially the ticket one. When I told my friend this, she said they were both flirting with me and that I was experiencing pretty privilege. It makes me wonder, do men do these things as a way to flirt with women? I thought these guys were just being friendly and helping me out. Neither of them asked for my number or anything, but they were both around my age (early 20’s). Am I oblivious to this as a form of flirting?

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My dudes, how many of you are honest about your height on dating apps?


I've noticed a lot of men add an inch or two to their height in real life, and I've seen jokes about there being zero men who are 5'11" on dating apps. Personally I'm 5' 9.75" and round upto 5'10"

How many of you are play fast and loose with your rounding and by how much? Also what's the thought process?

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What's the best thing about being a single dude these days?


I'm recently single, almost 40. I wanna hear the upsides. I'll start:

I have a say in what I do and I'm not shamed/ridiculed for it.

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What are the arguments for and against immediately stopping all contact with a woman after she rejects you?


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Which is the higher number: how many men have see you fully nude vs. how many women?


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How many other men love sandwiches?


Curious about whether this is a universal thing or not.

I never had brothers, so the only male in my house growing up was my dad, and traditionally I would make him a deli sandwich for lunch most mornings before he left for work. He never asked for anything else, and I had no problem making more or less the same thing 4-5 days a week for a few years in my tweens and teens.

I'm now 21 in a relationship with a guy with a very different personality and lifestyle from my dad, is much less routine-oriented and loves variety in most things. We like to cook together and try to invent new recipes, but one he always comes back to is deli sandwiches. Most mornings when I've stayed over I'm making him one or two for work. I love that it's worked out that I can make something he consistently likes, I was just a little surprised in this seeming exception to his love of variety.

TL;DR: The only two men I've personally cooked for eat deli sandwiches nearly every day.

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What opinions (regarding anything) women sometimes have that turn you off?


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Men of Reddit. What's your response to men who say "I feel worthless without a woman."?


It's been on my mind lately. I know the dating struggle has been rough for a lot of men. Including me. I try to be optimistic about life without a woman, but fighting biology is a hard battle. How do you guys feel? Thanks for feedback.

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How do you actually "go to the gym"?


This is probs the #1 advice ive heard everywhere, and I agree. But from someone who has anxiety, social or otherwise, I dont really know what this means. Where do I start? Which machine do I use, what weight do I start at, what routine should I employ?

Can someone please write down the granular steps for someone to go to the gym?

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Dads on here, what is one thing you would want your child to know if you passed unexpectedly?


My (25 M) dad died unexpectedly two weeks ago and today has rough so far. I just want to know what the general dad thoughts are for a situation like this

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What does it mean when a man gives you his dog tags from the army?


This may be a stupid question but when me and my spouse first started seeing each other, he gave me his dogtags. I've never dated an ex-military man before.

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What's the worst part about being a single dude today?


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How much do you notice or care about a girls feet (or hands)?


I'm asking because I have really disproportionately big feet for my height and I've always felt like it's a big turn off. My toes are also crazy long and I have big hands and long fingers. Is this something that you care about?

My feet are size 16 US (seriously). They're so big mostly because of my long toes though. And my hands are bigger than every guy's hand I've compared with. Worst part is that I'm only 1,74m tall while my hands and feet are bigger than those of really tall guys!

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How can a woman/wife make a man (partner/husband) feel more useful, loved and appreciated?


My husband and I have been together for 15 yrs. The past 5 I feel like his self esteem has dwindled due to his weight gain, and then losing his Father last year to lung cancer (who was his best friend also his drinking buddy) my husband has made a great change in that he now drinks maybe 3xs a month vs almost daily at the peek. I love my husband dearly but I am a busy woman, I work a lot, I have a lot of extracurricular activities and they don't include him as he doesn't have any interest in riding horses, or shopping, or Racquetball and going to the gym. So any suggestions would be appreciated?

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What’s the best thing about being a single divorced man in your late 40’s? Do you crave relationships?


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44 w/kids and I'm miserable being married. Guys who've been there and pulled the trigger on divorce, what advice do you have?


Familiar situation I'm sure - were it not for the kids I'd have left years ago. She gives me no affection, constantly nags and spends way too much money and yells at me over the stupidest shit. I get zero time to myself or freedom to pursue hobbies, there's absolutely no reason for me to stay in the marriage except for the kids who are under ten.

Men who've been in a similar situation, what advice can you offer?

** Edit: well this blew up. I've been trying to read and respond to as many replies as I can at work today; apologies if I didn't respond to yours yet. I really appreciate the support here and the widely varying perspectives and advice I've received. If nothing else is given me hope that I'm not alone in this and whichever way I end up going it's not the end of the world, for me or for my kids. You guys (and the women I heard from too) rock. **

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What are some sure ways to tell that a man loves you?


I’ve (37f) been with my partner(43m) for 4 years and I often find myself questioning whether my boyfriend actually loves me or if I’m just convenient (maybe)? What do men do/say that make it undeniable that they love you?

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Gentlemen who work out, how can a young man increase his appetite?


I’m 23 6’3, 155 lbs, and I want to get bigger. Working out isn’t the problem, the problem is eating. The reason I weigh so little for my size is because I only eat one to two times a day. I eat so little because I’m never hungry. I did some research and, based on my frame and goal, I need to eat 2500 to 3000 calories a day, which is extremely hard because I’m never hungry. Any suggestions on how to increase my appetite?

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Married men, do you regret getting married? Why or why not?


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Men, what is your ideal reaction to proposing to someone?


When you propose to the person of your dreams, how do you want them to react? What is your ideal/dream reaction?

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What do you set your thermostat to in the winter?


I set my thermostat to 60F if I'm home alone. I've been told that's pretty cold. I just don't mind staying under an electric blanket to save money. What do the rest of you set to?

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Which profession usually have people with the biggest god-complex, who are just extremely cocky and arrogant thinking they are better than everyone else?


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With the year almost over, what are the good things that have happened to you?


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What is the stupidest thing you & a significant other argued about?